Provisional Meets List 2021/22

Government guidelines have made it possible to meet for outdoor activities in groups of 6. This means our group is now starting to fill the meets list for this year. If you would like to come along to one of our trips and try out caving please head to the Try Caving section for further details.

See Key below for meanings of (A), (B) and (C)

3rd Maskhill Mine / Oxlow Cave Exchange Trip (B)
3rd Devonshire Mine (B, C)
17th Youd’s Level (B, C)
18th Nettle Pot (B, C)
22nd Waterways Swallet (B, C)

1st Flowerpot to Merlins Trough Trip (B, C)
6th Snelslow Swallet (B, C)
23rd P8 (B, C)
26th Brightgate (C)
29th Peak Cavern (A, B, C)

8th Flowerpot to Merlins (B, C)
10th Sidetrack Cave (B, C)
20th Giants (B, C)
22nd Wardlow Sough (C)

10th Ireby Fell (B)

Upcoming Trips
New Rift Pot / Long Kin exchange
Bar Pot SE route


A Technical SRT / Arduous trips
B Intermediate SRT / Tricky trips
C Novice trips